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Joyce L. Fritz Ritz


Finally! It’s me, souly. Although I have been an artist and a designer my whole life, I never thought I had much to say that was purely me--until recently. Apparently it was just discovering the right medium to express myself. Luckily it’s jewelry which I love to wear and have been collecting for years.

I have been on a journey to find my authentic self, my whole self, to know me as a woman, an artist, and as a spiritual being sharing space in this world. Apparently I have been collecting personal mantras along the way that have helped me know myself. I am ready now to share with the world what I have to say in a way only I can say it.

 Each piece of artwork that pours out of me has so much more than beauty to give the wearer. Whether it is words of encouragement, expression of passion or a connection to the bigness of the universe that flows in us all. I choose stones and crystals that have personal meaning to me, sometimes I find out more about the stones after I bring them to the studio and I am amazed at how connected I am which just gets me even more excited to create something with them.  I am constantly learning about energy and how it moves through us and connects us which informs the designs in an unconscious way.  

Take the journey with me along the way find out something more about you or this amazing world in which we live. 


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